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Eastern God, Western Winds

Eastern God, Western Winds

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Publication Date: October 26th, 2023
Olympia Publishers
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Bahamian Brad Collins is broad shouldered, with a big smile and good hair and if the girls can resist him, they don't. Seduction is a way of life for the island-boy, a game he plays so well. So, when he finds himself with two young women on his hands each having birthed his baby, albeit on either side of the waters separating two countries, Brad is forced to marry one and abandon the other.

Eastern God, Western Winds is a creative and heartfelt examination of Black social culture through a sharp yet intimate lens. Weaving an ever-tightening web of secrecy and untold family forces common in Black communities Brennen artfully creates a cast of characters so familiar you'll feel like you know them, situations so real, you might have been in them, all leading to a breath-taking conclusion none of us could ever have imagined.